What problems did william Wilberforce face?


 William Wilberforce faced a number of problems that could have potentially stopped his career completely.  These were some of the problems he faced:

1.    His health. He was born with a very small and frail body and had to take very good care of himself. Despite this, he was always constantly putting his body under pressure for the sake of his work.


2.    He presented his first bill to abolish slave trade in 1791 but it was easily defeated by 163 to 88 by the House of Lords.


3.       It costed a lot of money to be a politician. He had to spend 8000 pounds to become one.


4.       The parliament finally agreed to abolish all slave trade one month after his death. This is pretty disappointing considering that you spent the last 73 years of your life doing nothing but trying to help the lives of the less fortunate.

5. His Christian evangelical beliefs costed him quite a lot of friends as they did not share the same beliefs as him.

6. His mother unfortunately, also did not share his religious beliefs and was continally trying to stop him from doing christian things, which would have led hin to never abolishing the slave trade.

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